About Us


As one of the nation’s largest behavioral health care companies, Carelon Behavioral Health serves over 50 million people across the country through publicly funded and commercial contracts offering a wide variety of managed behavioral healthcare services. Carelon Behavioral Health remains devoted to ensuring that those entrusted to our care receive the best behavioral health services possible.

Under the direction of the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS), Carelon Behavioral Health administers inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder treatment services for members eligible for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) BHS funded services. We also administer the substance use disorder treatment services for members eligible for the Kansas Driving Under the Influence program and all treatment services funded by the Problem Gambling and Addictions Fund. In addition, we assist with the Kansas Senate Bill 123 program.

In 2007, ValueOptions, which became Carelon Behavioral Health in 2023, won a competitive bid to manage the Kansas substance use disorder treatment program for both Medicaid and Federal Block Grant funds. Prior to our appointment, there had been one failed attempt to bring managed care into the state.

In contrast to the prior managed care effort, we were quickly able to demonstrate significant savings to the state while improving access to care and increasing favorable outcomes. We accomplished this in the following ways:

A high number of patients were previously being screened into high cost, long-term programs. We implemented medical guidelines and closely matched patient need to treatment. We developed new intensive outpatient programs to accommodate the paradigm shift to a full continuum of care. This strategy maximized funding, allowing thousands more patients to be treated using the same amount of, or less, treatment dollars.

We also introduced evidence-based programs such as medication-assisted therapies, sober-living houses, and cognitive-behavioral therapies to improve treatment outcomes.

Throughout this process, we have built meaningful and productive working relationships with consumers, the State, providers and Kansas community partners. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with these groups and continue to bring stakeholders together in the best interest of Kansans.

Since we began managing the substance use disorder treatment program, we have returned nearly 30 million dollars in community reinvestment funds to the state of Kansas.

During our long partnership with the state of Kansas, Carelon Behavioral Health has proven our success at effectively managing public sector business including community-based behavioral health treatment. We have brought a strong spirit of innovation and cooperation to Kansas that has fostered significant cost savings and the highest quality of member care.


Our mission in Kansas is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential. Therefore, everything we do is focused on improving the health of people under our care. Putting people at the center, Carelon Behavioral Health’s system is built on a strong support structure of doctors, nurses, therapists, advocates, and mentors fulfilling members’ behavioral, physical, and social health needs.

Our vision focuses on improving the health and well-being of individuals coping with substance use conditions. We make this vision a reality through recovery-focused programs and effective partnerships with our clients and providers.

Our mission and values guide the way we treat our providers, members and each other. They are at the heart of all we do.