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04/11/12: Annual Announcement
12/14/11: Office of Inspector General free compliance training
05/04/11: VO/SRS Summit III Registration Form
02/24/11: Provider Conference Call Regarding Clinical Oversight
01/12/11: New KCPC Interim Services Indicator
01/10/11: Expanded Authorization Parameters
01/18/11: VO/SRS Summit
12/22/10: 2011 Waiver Renewal
12/20/10: New Clinical Fax Number
12/15/10: 4th Time DUI Request for Proposals Announcement
12/15/10: Wichita Request for Proposals Announcement
11/08/10: Provider Credentialing Clinical Oversight Model Request
11/01/10: Problem Gambling Provider Credentialing Information
10/27/10: VO-KS/SRS Adverse Incident Reporting Requirements
10/26/10: Services to be Provided for 4th Time DUI in 2011
10/25/10: MS Security Updates KCPC Health
10/15/10: Provider Credentialing Requirement Frequently Asked Questions II
09/16/10: 4th Time DUI Network Provider Letter
07/07/10: Provider Credentialing Requirement-Frequently Asked Questions
07/07/10: Medically Necessary-Other Practitioners
06/02/10: Independent Clinical License Requirement
06/01/10: Medicaid Rate Increase
04/19/10: Data Integrity Results and Request
04/05/10: 4th Time DUI Quarterly Reports
03/31/10: Peer Mentoring Training, Satisfaction Surveys
07/13/09: 4th Time DUI RFP
12/22/08: Important Information
10/13/08: Community Reinvestment
10/09/08: Clarification on PIHP Enrollment for Medicaid Members
08/22/08: NPI Number for Claims
08/22/08: Addiction Recovery Center KCPC Training
08/22/08: Heartland KCPC Training
08/22/08: Provider Alert KCPC Training
07/29/08: How to Bill in 15-minute Increments
07/01/08: Change in FPG Eligibility Policy and Authorization Parameter Changes
06/01/08: Rate Increase and Q3 Overcapitation Payments
04/24/08: Provider Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting (4/24/08)

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